Welcome to Goodpoint, a new way to explain your views more persuasively and see articles organized more clearly. We’ll walk you through the basics of how it works.
How articles work
Articles are made of ideas. Click any idea to see its explanation.
An article can have many ideas. The writer will organize them in the way they think makes the most sense.
Decide whenever you want
Clicking the checkmark when you agree with an idea is the fundamental and most important action in the Goodpoint experience.
Ideas you agree with are saved to your user profile. Other users will see which ideas you have agreed with.
Additionally, ideas underneath any checked ones are tracked. You will see a hollow checkmark for these.
This is done because on Goodpoint, writers can use an idea in different articles! By tracking both checked and supporting ones, we can show you whenever they appear again.
See when friends agree with you
As you make decisions, Goodpoint tells you if other users are making similar choices. This is called “Idea Alignment.”
Goodpoint also shows how much of an article you have agreed with. This is called your “Article Alignment.”
This is the percentage of ideas in the article that you have previously confirmed or that were supporting them.
We have found that this can help make information easier to evaluate.
Presenter and Editor
Goodpoint always shows you someone who has already agreed with an idea. This is not necessarily the writer – it may just be someone you know, for example.
Agreeing with an idea on Goodpoint means you’re willing to present this idea to others.
When you see a hand icon next to the name, that indicates this person is the editor of the article.
Forget an idea
To change your decision about an idea or if you think the support is wrong, simply uncheck it.
Forgetting an idea removes it from your account so that other users will no longer think it is a position of yours.
This also tells the writer that they are making a mistake or losing your interest, so they consider whether to change their mind about the idea.
Have fun
That’s it! This is all you need to know. Please check back periodically as our features and designs are updating regularly.