5 Internet Consequences Will Impact Your Everyday Life

Jan 15, 2021
The kings and queens who control the countries of the internet (i.e., products) control our future. It's the ultimate power to “only show you what I want you to see” and nudge you in one direction over another. These countries charge taxes to access social centers to be around other people and to buy the things you need (products and services). There will be a highly competitive war in existing continental countries for where humans "store" their physical selves, and another war in new internet countries where we "store" our digital selves. New bad actors will emerge who seek to destroy critical internet access points in key hubs, which could disconnect entire physical countries and throw their economies and daily lives into chaos. And the other bad actors who proliferate the theft and sale of personally identifiable information. The preppers of the future will have redundant digital access systems that rely more on peer-to-peer, satellite, and terrestrial internet services (both laser and underground), fully encrypted with randomized routing to hide actions and thoughts.
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It's reasonable to imagine these outcomes.

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