Attention on the Internet Determines Citizenship

People can move freely between internet "countries" with a single click, where the only passport is your digital identity.
January 15, 2021
Humans can only keep a few things in mind at a time, which is why venture capital returns and brands tend towards power law distributions. Starbucks is where I get coffee. McDonald's is where I get McNuggets. Apple is where I buy my phone. Amazon is where I buy things for my home. Google is where I search for information. Uber is how I get a ride. Facebook is where I talk to my friends and family. Big Tech has been building their castles and moats for decades now because consumers keep giving it their attention. What's interesting is that even Google and Facebook have to pay a toll to access this internet land because they have to go through a hardware device (Apple and Microsoft). Do you want something physical, food or things for your home? Look no further than Amazon. They've been executing their own land war strategies using Direct-To-Consumer models beautifully. This is why the principle of "winner take all" is so powerful in the consumer market. In both physical and digital real estate, attention is the driver of commerce. The internet countries only exist and are maintained when people give them their time and attention.
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Sean agrees with this fact based on:
Analogies make it clear.
The Empirical Economics of Online Attention, Harvard & Kelly School of Business, 2016

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