Being a Parent Can Be an Important Learning Experience

The challenges can turn into rewarding opportunities for growth and appreciation.
Dec 4, 2020
Being a Parent Can Be an Important Learning ExperienceBeing a Parent Can Be an Important Learning Experience
There are many new experiences people encounter after having children. And some people will develop new skills and insights as a result that can be applied to other aspects of their lives. For example, being a parent can teach people to have more patience with others, to communicate more simply, and to value present moments over focusing on the past or the future. Other parents report being more forgiving and being able to discern the petty from the truly important. Having children forces people to prioritize—managing their time differently than ever before and only making time for the most important things. Others say they feel more grateful and thankful for the small pleasures in daily life. Some say they even feel more grateful for their own parents after having children of their own. "Becoming a mother has been one of the biggest blessings in my life," wrote one mother. "Being a mother is by far the most challenging but most rewarding job I’ve ever had."
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It teaches patience and communication skills
5 Lessons Becoming A Parents Taught Me About Life, HuffPost, Kimanzi Constable, April 13, 2015
Confession: Motherhood has made me a better person

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