Being Pregnant Can Be Exhausting

Pregnancy fatigue presents extreme physical exhaustion and can affect everything from a woman’s ability to work to her friendships and caregiving responsibilities.
Dec 4, 2020
Being Pregnant Can Be ExhaustingBeing Pregnant Can Be Exhausting
Growing a new human can be really tiring. "Pregnancy fatigue" is a real phenomenon where women, especially in the first and third trimesters, describe feeling tired all the time, almost to the point of exhaustion. According to the online source "What to Expect," nearly all women experience pregnancy fatigue while pregnant, especially in the first few months. Pregnancy fatigue can start as early as the first few weeks following conception and implantation. That first phase of fatigue tends to lift by the second trimester. But a second wave of fatigue tends to show up in the third trimester, or around week 28. Many women may again feel a bout of extreme tiredness, forcing them to take frequent naps and lay off their usual activities. Pregnancy fatigue is not simply a mental or emotional problem: it has a scientific basis. Pregnancy hormones cause a variety of changes in the body: from altered sleep patterns to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone that act as a "natural sedative." The fatigue can strongly limit women's ability to work, take care of other children, or just enjoy their normal activities.
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The biological connection between pregnancy and exhaustion has been proven.
Welcome to Pregnancy Fatigue: The Most Tired You Have Ever Felt

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