Children Can Bring Immense Happiness

They can bring immense happiness. Especially under the right conditions, children improve not only overall happiness but also fulfillment. Those right conditions often include physical and mental well-being, financial stability, a long-term career, and support from the government if necessary. The U.S. can look to several other countries for examples of how this can work.
December 4, 2020Updated 1 month ago
Children Can Bring Immense Happiness
Recent studies have shown that people with children report being happier overall than those without children. However, parents in some countries are happier than others. The key is the social policies put in place by each country. If the policies help parents manage the responsibility of childcare with the ability to earn an income, then parents will be happier. American parents tend to be less happy than their English or Australian counterparts, one study found. In countries such as Norway for instance, parents reported higher happiness than non-parents—perhaps because of a strong social safety net that eases the burden of child-rearing. Children can be challenging and time-consuming, but most parents out there say they are worth the sacrifice. Seeing a child grow and engage with the world can bring back a parent's sense of childlike wonder, allowing them to view the world with new eyes.
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Does Having Children Make Us Happy?, Psychology Today, Mark Holder Ph.D., September 27, 2017
Does Having Children Make People Happier in the Long Run?

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