John Malik

Getting Access to More Opportunities Increases the Ability to Earn a Higher Income

Increased earnings can enrich future generations. And that kind of wealth starts to level the playing field over time.
Getting Access to More Opportunities Increases the Ability to Earn a Higher Income
The more chances someone has at something, the higher probability they have to learn from mistakes and ultimately become successful at it. Therefore, giving people more opportunities to be hired for a job gives them more chances to get hired. Once they're hired, they can do a good job, work their way up, and continue to earn a great wage. That in turn can create generational wealth, setting up their children and grandchildren to earn more than they did. Affirmative action and labor laws allow people to get a foot in the door to these better opportunities. One study found that U.S. university students admitted thanks to affirmative action went on to earn a higher salaries thanks to this policy. A similar trend can be seen among people with disabilities. While people who are differently abled remain among the highest groups of the unemployed, studies have measured the positive effects of the passage of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). While the economic benefits of the ADA require further research, one study found that since 1990 when the ADA was first passed, income poverty among people with disabilities has declined.
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