Happiness Can Be Chosen Over Trauma

Triggers are the golden opportunities to transcend, not an excuse to remain in pain.
April 30, 2021
Happiness Can Be Chosen Over Trauma
Memory is flawed and so are our parents. Whatever trauma we have gone through, we have the power to tell ourselves that no one was trying to hurt us deliberately. If they do, they must be acting 100% out of unconsciousness of their own trauma. Like meditation, which is about how we remain in the present moment, one breathe at a time, healing from triggers is the same. We transcend from suffering one trigger at a time, and sometimes when situations are bad and stressful, we might fall back to that trigger or fear, but then next time, we learn to rise above it. The concept of mental health issue is like taking medicine to cure our illness is not the right one. Instead, we are the medicine, and we choose ourselves over our childhood trauma every single time.
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