Jack "Don" Lewis Wanted to Move Big Cat Rescue to Costa Rica

Baskin did not want to let this happen.
Dec 4, 2020
Jack "Don" Lewis Wanted to Move Big Cat Rescue to Costa RicaJack "Don" Lewis Wanted to Move Big Cat Rescue to Costa Rica
In the Netflix special, "Tiger King," John Marsicano, the lead homicide detective gives a clue as to the disappearance of Don Lewis. "The long-term plan, according to the investigation, was that he would eventually move the Big Cat Rescue—or Wildlife on Easy Street as it was known then—down to the Costa Rica area," Marsicano told the filmmakers. Don was obsessed with Costa Rica. He would spend as much time as possible down there. He went not only to have sex with his many mistresses but to search out business opportunities. The wildlife park in Florida was only 69 acres—but in Costa Rica, Don had purchased 200 acres of land to build a new park. Carole seemed happy with her life in Florida and showed no interest in relocating to Costa Rica. But as Don was the main source of the sanctuary's funds, she may have had no choice had he decided to move.
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John agrees with this fact based on:
I watched it and I think the detective did a lot of work on the case and has credibility
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Netflix, Episode 3.
‘Tiger King’: What Happened to Carole Baskin’s Husband, Don Lewis?

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