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Jack "Don" Lewis Was Worth Millions

His money provided an incentive.
Jack "Don" Lewis Was Worth Millions
Lewis was a self-made millionaire. Before meeting Carole Baskin, he amassed a fortune through trucking, real estate, and used cars. “He had the Midas touch,” one of his daughters told People magazine. According to an article in People magazine shortly after his death, "Don’s disappearance [left] Carole Lewis ensnarled in a nasty legal catfight with his children over control of his business affairs and holdings estimated at more than $5 million." The Tampa Bay Times reported that his estate was worth $6 million and that he was generating more than $50,000 per month in revenue. His life insurance police alone was reportedly worth $1.25 million. All of that money gave Baskin motive to want to kill her husband. Debates over a second will, or a forged will, continue to rage among devotees of the show "Tiger King."
John believes this point based on
I read the articles and they wouldn't make these claims if they hadn't fact-checked them
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