John Malik

Jack "Don" Lewis's Family Said He Felt He Was in Danger

His friends said the same thing.
Jack "Don" Lewis's Family Said He Felt He Was in Danger
In the Netflix special, "Tiger King," members of his family read from the restraining order filed by Don Lewis. They affirmed their father's terror. One of the excerpts reads: "She ordered me out of the house or she would kill me." She allegedly had a gun and hid Don's gun from him. Furthermore, his daughter said that her father generally avoided going to law enforcement for any reason. So "for him to go down there and write that out and present it before a judge was major, in my eyes," she said. Another friend also said the same thing. Mark McCarthy told the documentary filmmakers that Don told him a month before he disappeared that he felt his life was in danger. Some of the people closest to Don therefore knew about his terror. And that fear centered around Carole.
John believes this point based on
I watched the documentary
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Netflix, Episode 3.