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Justice Through Legal Channels, Both In Criminal and Civil Litigation, Is Often Unreliable

Especially for crimes without witnesses or strong evidence, the legal system frequently fails to serve justice.
Last updated on Mar 31 , 2021
Justice Through Legal Channels, Both In Criminal and Civil Litigation, Is Often UnreliableJustice Through Legal Channels, Both In Criminal and Civil Litigation, Is Often Unreliable
The legal system is meant to punish criminals and bring justice to victims, but that's not always possible. Certain types of crimes are very difficult to prosecute, especially those that happen behind closed doors, such as sexual harassment or workplace predation. Even with strong evidence, prosecutors often won't take such cases. Ambra Gutierrez, for instance, had a recording of Harvey Weinstein admitting to sexual assault in 2015. And yet he wasn't charged. In other cases, the environment makes it difficult for the victim to deal with the publicity. Kobe Bryant's alleged rape victim had enough evidence for her case to go to trial. But at the last minute, fearing retribution from his fans, she refused to testify. The case did not go forward and Bryant went on to continue a long and successful career in basketball. Even those who do decide to report to the police rarely find the justice they seek. According to statistics from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), only five out of every 1,000 rapists sees any jail time. There have been so many victims before cancel culture was effective who had to simply suffer in silence. Harvey Weinstein’s victims from the 1980s until now did not see justice for decades—and the same was long true for the many victims of Bill Cosby.
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Kobe Bryant and the Sexual Assault Case That Was Dropped but Not Forgotten
Sexual Assault Statistics

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