John Malik

Lack of Police Could Lead to Mob Justice

Police provide a neutral party looking out for the law-abiding community as a whole.
Lack of Police Could Lead to Mob Justice
Communities, neighborhoods, and even gangs might take it upon themselves to dole out their own form of justice. Without the police, the U.S. could revert to a Wild West scenario, in which people round up posses to carry out vigilante justice. This kind of vigilante violence would not only be terrifying—it could further increase division between Americans. As people draw lines around their immediate communities, tribalism might reemerge, where Americans identify more with a neighborhood or a group of people than with the nation at large. Seattle has already seen a glimpse of what this mob violence might look like. When armed protesters took over the Capitol Hill section of the city, one business owner—Faizel Khan, the proprietor of a coffee shop—described unchecked violence and destruction of property. When he and others called the police, no one came. Khan was forced to seek the permission of the armed protesters just to enter his own coffee shop. “They barricaded us all in here,” he told the New York Times. “And they were sitting in lawn chairs with guns.”
Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren’t So Sure