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Many Consumer, Employment, and Civil Rights Groups Oppose Forced Arbitration

Last updated on Jan 20 , 2021
6 reasons
People don't know they've agreed to it.
Zinus furniture's arbitration agreement is clear and obvious for consumers
Fortunately, some companies, like the image shown above, help make it clear to consumers that arbitration is the agreed dispute resolution after buying the product. However, many more companies never make it obvious or clear to the general buying public.
Forced arbitration clauses bind the consumer, but not the company.
Employees can't sue for discrimination, harassment, abuse, retaliation, or wrongful termination.
Consumers can't sue for negligence, defective products, or scams.
Arbitration proceedings are private, and there is no judge, jury, or right to an appeal.
Arbitration severely limits consumer options for resolving different types of meaningful disputes.
National Association of Consumer Advocates, Arbitration

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