John Malik

Many Trump Supporters Don't Understand the Basics of His Platform

They resort to feelings or beliefs instead of facts. When quizzed on his actual policies, they are often ignorant of even the most foundational things.
Many Trump Supporters Don't Understand the Basics of His Platform
Truth doesn't matter to Trump supporters. They make their decisions based on empty rhetoric and beliefs. For instance, throughout his first campaign, Trump repeatedly exaggerated or embellished crime statistics to make it seem as if there were a real threat of violence. CNN's Jake Tapper confronted Trump's then-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, with the falsehood. Tapper noted that FBI statistics showed crime had been declining for decades. “People don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods,” Manafort said, dismissing the data. This tactic is typical of Trump supporters. They will dismiss facts in favor of their own "feelings." They exhibit a similar reaction as soon as they are asked to dig deeper on Trump's plans to carry out campaign promises. For instance, when the Daily Show's Jordan Klepper asked a Trump supporter who was going to pay for Trump's proposed border wall, the man could only reply: “That’s what we’re gonna find out." Because he had no clue. Similarly, when Klepper asked about how the impeachment trial unfolded, they could only respond with vague generalizations such as “It’s bullshit.” Another frequent tactic for deflection of discussing any concrete policies is to simply parrot what Trump has said on a particular issue. For example, surrounding the impeachment trial, Trump repeatedly urged critics tp simply read the transcript, saying it would cast aside any doubt of his innocence. Trump supporters similarly repeated: “All you have to do is read the transcript," all while admitting that they themselves had not yet read the transcript.
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Trump supporters know Trump lies. They just don’t care.
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