No One Can Act Beyond Their Level of Consciousness

“You forgive yourself by realizing that nobody can act beyond their level of consciousness.” — Echkart Tolle
Apr 30, 2021
Another powerful quote from my favourite spiritual guru. When someone did something to hurt us, ranging from the stupid driver on the road to our parents, we tended to think they did it intentionally. In reality, that’s rarely the case. Some people may be selfish, some people might have bad execution skills, but they all act at their level of consciousness at that time. Through psychology, we learn concepts like co-dependence, gaslighting, shaming, etc. They are all great concepts to help us analyse and understand our situations better, but we must ask the question “so what”. Everyone, including our parents, are likely to have suffered from their own traumatic childhood experience and cultural pressures, act the way their level of awareness allows them to do it. One way to transcend from our suffering and trauma is to remember that our parents are no superman or buddha. They are just ordinary people. In fact, it’d seem like the younger generations are always more conscious than the previous generations. The narrative of the younger generations on expressing their feelings and mental health conditions, for example, are much more eloquent than the previous generations. They are more likely to communicate healthily and rationally. It’s only logical that they don’t know how to do parenting and heal themselves. Knowing their lack of consciousness can help us to forgive them. I wrote more about this in the article linked here.
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I Forgive My Mum for These 3 Reasons

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