Not All Criminals Are Apprehended Immediately, and a Police Agency Is Required

Their main function is enforcing the law. Tracking down criminals can only be done by a professional police force.
December 4, 2020
Not All Criminals Are Apprehended Immediately, and a Police Agency Is Required
Many criminals flee the scene of the crime and are not apprehended immediately. Especially for crimes such as burglary where there might not be witnesses, it can take weeks or even months to track down a criminal. This is even truer for highly intelligent serial criminals. Serial rapists or murderers often continue committing crimes for years, and only a concentrated effort from the police can stop them. Handling of evidence is even governed by rules and regulations, which do not apply to non-government funded police forces. Overall, on average the police make upwards of 10 million arrests annually.
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USA - number of arrests for all offenses 1990-2018

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