Past Trauma Doesn’t Define a Person

The deeply distressing or disturbing experiences that took place before can be separated from one’s identity. They are not us, just a component that can be left behind.
Apr 30, 2021
Past Trauma Doesn’t Define a PersonPast Trauma Doesn’t Define a Person
Psychology is quite heavily affected by the school of Sigmund Freud, which attributes almost everything to childhood experience. That’s all well and good, but remember, knowing about what happened in our childhood is only the first step. First, we have to know ourselves, then we can heal. At one point, we have to decide to take the next step — which is to heal. Especially if our parents haven’t healed or they no longer exist in our lives, dwelling on psychoanalysis will seem that we are stuck for the rest of our lives. Because we might never get the apology we deserve from them, and there might never be real closure. But does that mean we are screwed? I refuse to believe that, I believe we can transcend from suffering, even we might continue to be hurt by these people and experiences.
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Sigmund Freud

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