Protect Your Future By Building an Audience

January 15, 2021
So what do you do about it? You can start building your own internet countries, cities, or towns. This audience, or community, will likely have similar belief systems or values as you, and could support each other when circumstances you can't handle on your own arise. Either way, small groups of highly capable “Spartans” will need to save the day on behalf of those who want their way of life protected from those seeking power and more gold. Inciting incidents will emerge, and heroes who wield laptops and poetic pens will be called upon, to rally the resistance against wrongs experienced by the masses. There are no laws in the land of the internet. There is no tribunal. Those only exist in physical space. The west is much wilder in cyberspace than it ever was in the Californian wilderness. Or, you could just be a passive participant, happily pay tax to another internet country to access it, and be fine with whatever happens.
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