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Student Loans Should Be Forgiven

Last updated on Jan 16 , 2021
Student Loans Should Be ForgivenStudent Loans Should Be Forgiven
7 reasons
They're a drag on the economy.
Students have less disposable income after graduating.
Less students go to college.
The debt burden can be too much to bear.
Tuition costs have risen faster than incomes.
Over the the last few decades, the cost of attending college has risen dramatically. In the 1970s, students working a part-time job could cover tuition, but today it doesn't make a dent.
They hurt the U.S.'s ability to remain competitive globally.
Professionals with less education get less experience
Younger people entering the workforce without an education put us at a disadvantage compared to other countries. It's a compounding effect that puts our citizen's skills further and further behind.
Democrats just introduced legislation to forgive $50,000 of this debt.
Part of the taxes every citizens pay should be used to invest in the people who will shape the country's future.
Sign the petition at and help spread the word to other students and legislators.

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