The Incoming Senate Could Remain Divided on COVID-19 Legislation

If 2020 is any indication, 2021's incoming Senate may remain split along party lines regarding COVID-19 legislation.
December 6, 2020
The Incoming Senate Could Remain Divided on COVID-19 Legislation
As of the end of November 2020, Congress remained divided on COVID-19 relief packages. The last stimulus came last spring, and many struggling Americans are clamoring for additional help. "We are digging out of the deep hole we were in, but we're not back in the sunlight yet," said Scott Horsley, NPR's Chief Economics Correspondent, adding, "Over the last six months, the United States has regained about 54% of the jobs that were lost back in March and April." Especially as the U.S. enters a second wave of coronavirus cases coming into the winter season, agreement on a stimulus package is becoming even more crucial.
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