There Are so Many Possible Non-violent Crimes That Cause Inequity to Innocent People

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. Police help all of those "invisible victims." From cyber crime to theft, these crimes still affect average Americans.
December 4, 2020
There Are so Many Possible Non-violent Crimes That Cause Inequity to Innocent People
Police do not just monitor violent crimes, they also play an important role in keeping people safe from what could be called 'victimless' climes like vandalism, looting, non-lethal DUI citations, trespassing, petty theft, or public disturbance violations. They also police cybercrimes and identity theft, which can have long-lasting negative impacts on people's lives. Police help 'invisible victims' who are often vandalized or looted small business owners, local government officials, city budgets, and the sense of safety and security in the community. Rights to privacy and property are important to police as well and allow people in the community to feel better. Police officers also can stop petty thefts from neighborhood businesses just by their presence, they can stop and prevent graffiti on public property which could cost taxpayers money to clean up, and they can serve as an important first stop for people the victims of cybercrimes when the criminals are often hidden.
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Defund Police, Watch Crime Return

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