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We Aren’t Taught the Proper Skills for Coping and Resilience Early in Life

Did you learn about anxiety and depression early in life? Do you know what obsessive-compulsive disorder is? Or better yet an intrusive thought? This negligence is responsible for the high youth mental health burden. The skills and habits we end up using often don't help.
Jun 8, 2021Updated 4 days ago
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Most people don't know that 94% of us experience intrusive thoughts and unwanted impulses. How can we deal with them if we can't recognize they're normal?
Telling someone not to worry or to smile doesn't make intrusive thoughts or negative feelings go away.
There's an emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. But there are so many other skills and tools that could benefit students. In fact, many people who pursue mindfulness and meditation experience side effects. Students and young people need to know about all the options available to them.
Overthinking and ruminating on trying to stop intrusive thoughts or anxiety makes the feeling worse. Therapists would advocate a different approach. Practicing how to be aware of your thoughts without drawing your attention to them. Developing a practice where you can distract yourself if you are unable to let the thought pass.
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