John Malik

When Confronted With Donald Trump's Ideas, Republican Supporters Show Ignorance

His supporters have so little knowledge about his platform that they are frequently speechless when confronted with details of his beliefs. Rather than react genuinely and show concern for holding a foolish position, they pause, laugh awkwardly and change the subject—or continue to hold their ground without reason.
There are numerous videos, articles, and interviews in which Trump supporters will support him at any cost. They will even defend things he hasn't done. For instance, late night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Trump supporters about Trump's political record—only the questions weren't based on the president's recent impeachment; they were based on the Watergate scandal and former President Richard Nixon. When asked about Watergate, Trump supporters simply said “I have an opinion about it but I don’t want to speculate.” When the reporter asked one supporter if she thought Trump’s war in Vietnam (a war which took place in the 60s and 70s) was justified she said yes. “I like the guy,” the woman added. Trump supporters simply say there's nothing that he can say or do would change their minds. “No matter what he says or does, I would vote for him," one supporter told Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper. Other supporters continued to regurgitate Trump's lies about former president Barack Obama and the birther controversy. One woman said she continued to believe that Obama was a Muslim terrorist. “Do I have proof? No. Do I have articles? No," she said. Trump's base is not only ignorant about his own record in office; they are willfully dumb about nearly all else related to politics and governance.
John believes this point based on
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