John Malik

Women Can Die From Childbirth

The U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized country.
Women Can Die From Childbirth
In the United States, approximately 700 women die each year as a result of complications from child birth. This rate has been decreasing by approximately 38% annually over the last 20 years, but it remains high, especially for women of color. And the rate of maternal mortality in the U.S. is higher than that of any other industrialized country. Women are advised to monitor themselves post-childbirth for warning signs of blood clots, infections, and hemorrhage, which can be potentially life-threatening. Some of the complications during pregnancy and childbirth—such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes—put women at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke throughout the rest of their lives. "Both of these conditions are associated with basically a doubling in their lifelong risk for cardiovascular disease," Dr. Lisa Hollier, president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told NPR. Severe complications—such as kidney, heart, or liver failure; bleeding in the brain or long-term comas—can also be fatal for mothers.
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