Yet, Many Republicans Refuse to Vocally Support Black Lives Matter

They're being cynical about their base. By refusing to take a stand on racism, they're pandering to the lowest common denominator.
December 4, 2020
Yet, Many Republicans Refuse to Vocally Support Black Lives Matter
Only 20% of white Republicans support Black Lives Matter. That number was more than three times higher among white Democrats, with 64% who support Black Lives Matter. The president has frequently made disparaging remarks about the movement. On Twitter, he said that the movement was “a symbol of hate." Other close supporters of the president have echoed those statements. "Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization," former New York City Major Rudy Giuliani told reporters outside of the White House. "Black Lives Matter has been planning to destroy the police for three years," he added. Right-wing hosts on Fox News, such as Tucker Carlson, frequently criticize Black Lives Matter. Carlson in particular stokes fear amongst white Conservatives, calling the protests a “dangerous moment." This refusal to support Black Lives Matter has devolved into downright antagonism. And that comes at a moment when police violence against people of color continues to go unchecked.
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How Americans view the Black Lives Matter movement
Facing bleak November, Republicans look to stoke BLM backlash

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