John Malik

Biological Sex Isn't a Choice

The X and Y chromosomes determine biological sex.
Biological Sex Isn't a Choice
Of humans' 46 paired chromosomes, the X and Y chromosomes determine biological sex. While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of women are 46XX, and most men are 46XY. The Y chromosome induces the male phenotype long before birth. Women therefore do not choose to have the sexual organs that allow for pregnancy, and that one fact can alter the course of their lives. That lack of choice creates myriad other limitations on their future choices and their ability to fully control what they want to do with their lives. In that way, biological sex causes a lack of agency for women. That means that about half the population—several billion people—are limited by their biological sex, without having any control over it. That fact alone is unfair. Gender may be increasingly fluid, but the biological organs required for pregnancy remain limited in this way.
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