John Malik

Confederate Flags Continued to Be Permitted in Many Places Around the Country

They adorn everything from private property to public land. They even fly in state houses.
Confederate Flags Continued to Be Permitted in Many Places Around the Country
Confederate iconography continued to be displayed in spite of concerted efforts by protesters. In parts of the South, both in former Confederate states and otherwise, Confederate flags, bumper stickers, and other paraphernalia are ubiquitous. They can be seen flying in front yards or hanging off the back of a truck. Craft sites like Etsy even sell Confederate flag masks and candles. Barry Isenhour is a member of Virginia flaggers, a group that wants to erect an enormous Confederate flag outside of Richmond, Virginia. He told the BBC that the Confederate flag is just misunderstood. "They fought for the family and fought for the state. We are tired of people saying they did something wrong. They were freedom-loving Americans who stood up to the tyranny of the North. They seceded from the US government not from the American idea," he said. Confederate flags even fly worldwide, as a sign of rebellion, white supremacy, or even just American kitsch. They can be seen in Ireland, Brazil, and Germany, among others. Things may be slowly changing. In 2020, however—after rioting—some of the most powerful people started to change their minds. For instance, Mississippi, where the state flag has long included a Confederate flag, even decided to completely redesign it and remove the Confederate symbol.
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