Experts Say a Revival in the Coal Industry Is Practically Impossible

Trump and others have repeatedly promised to bring back coal jobs. But experts say that such an outcome is highly unlikely.
Dec 4, 2020Updated 8 months ago
Experts Say a Revival in the Coal Industry Is Practically ImpossibleExperts Say a Revival in the Coal Industry Is Practically Impossible
Trump is hardly the first political leader to make the promise of bringing coal jobs back. Other governors and local legislators, especially in coal-reliant communities, have made the same ill-fated promise. But the flaw in making any coal-related campaign promise is that the decline of coal is not due to public policies alone. "The decline of the U.S. coal industry is the result of market forces, not a policy 'war on coal,'" read one analysis. There is also more public support, especially from younger generations not entering the coal-related job market, to push for renewable energy use and policies to make that cheaper and easier to access. Coal plants and even airlines are facing increasing pressure to limit greenhouse gas emissions through policies and the use of carbon markets, which make it more financially viable to switch to more efficient fuel and move operations to more "green" methods.
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‘The Coal Industry Is Back,’ Trump Proclaimed. It Wasn’t.
Why there’s no bringing coal back

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