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The world has borne witness to the chaos that can ensue from unfocused, unsubstantiated claims on the world’s most widely used social media platforms. Goodpoint's design ensures it's inherently more trustworthy and substantive than the social networks to which we've grown accustomed.
Jan 11, 2021
Thanks to the ability for anyone—from the president to a single protestor—to create and spread messaging based on unsubstantiated information, the U.S. Capitol building was besieged in early January by a violent mob. The creators of Goodpoint fully support the free exchange of ideas over a digital platform, but they saw the flaws in how information was shared, consumed, and acted upon via traditional social media channels. So they created a platform that sets Goodpoint apart from everyone else in this age of digital sharing: It’s designed specifically to ensure our content is backed by baseline truths that uphold the integrity of our content. What’s more, each article’s source material is shared right there on the page—so you know the providence of our information.
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