John Malik

Jack "Don" Lewis Had Affairs While He Was With Carole Baskin

He likely cheated on Baskin with multiple women.
Jack "Don" Lewis Had Affairs While He Was With Carole Baskin
In the Netflix special, "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness," Episode three at the 13:43 mark, Gladys Lewis Cross, Don's first wife, said he had a girlfriend in Costa Rica. She goes on to say that if Carole thought she was "all he needed" that that "was never going to happen." In that same episode, Dale Lively, Don's mechanic, said, "He liked ladies, I'm sure. I would see him with two or three different ones, you know?" and then he chuckles somewhat uncomfortably. Baskin was well-aware of these dalliances. She wrote that Lewis would travel frequently to Costa Rica for sex, especially when she was menstruating. His philandering was so well-known that even Don's own daughter referred to him as a "sexaholic." Adultery alone is often enough to turn someone to violence and even murder.
John believes this point based on
I think both people knew him pretty well and don't have strong reasons to make this up
Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, Netflix, Episode 3.