Mike Bloomberg Supports Gun Reform Even Though He Also Supports the Second Amendment

He is an example of a politician who can toe the line between both.
Politician and business leader Mike Bloomberg supports both the right to bear arms and the need for red flag laws. Bloomberg's opinion is important in this instance because his thoughts on the matter mirror that of many Americans. Centrists like Bloomberg don't want to permanently change the Constitution, particularly an amendment part of the Bill of Rights. But, they don't want people who police deem a danger to their communities roaming about with the ability to purchase and own multiple firearms and deadly weapons. Many, like Bloomberg, feel that if you pass a background check, don't have a criminal record of violent offenses, and police have not deemed you a risk mentally or emotionally—then you should be able to own a firearm. Bloomberg is just one of many politicians—both on the left and the right—who support both red flag laws and the Second Amendment.
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Michael Bloomberg Discusses Gun Reform After Parkland, Face the Nation, April 20, 2018, Margaret Brennan
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