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Mothers Can Be Placed On Bed Rest

This reduces a woman's ability to work, care for other children, or even complete basic tasks.
Mothers Can Be Placed On Bed Rest
Being placed on bed rest is a common occurrence during pregnancy and can result from a variety of conditions. High blood pressure, cervical changes, vaginal bleeding, premature labor, poor fetal development, gestational diabetes, and placenta complications are just a few of the conditions that may lead to a woman being placed on bed rest for as long as several months. Bed rest is prescribed to thousands of women each year. Its severity can range from simply taking it easy to literally limiting women to their beds for months on end. Depending on her job or her ability to work from home or take time off, this could result in lost hours—or, for hourly workers, lost income. For women who already have other children, childcare can be costly or extremely difficult. One woman, for instance, was put on bed rest for several months when she already had a 3-year-old daughter. Her husband was forced to quit his full-time job in order to take care of them both. Confined to the couch or the bed, the woman told NPR: "I wouldn't even get my own glasses of water. So I like to say that 'I was on bed rest, and he was on house arrest,' because he really couldn't leave either."
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