People Agree With Ideas Based on Their Reasons and Examples

January 11, 2021
In the coffee example described in the prior point, one person might believe "People drink coffee in the morning" and click the check mark button next to that because they drink coffee in the morning. But some people might not believe that point because it's not a part of their culture, or maybe they just prefer tea. In this case, "people drink coffee in the morning" is an opinion of the person who wrote it, so it's likely that people who agree with that opinion will click the check mark and people who don't, won't. Alternatively, people who prefer tea may click the check mark button next to "coffee contains caffeine" and "caffeine is a stimulate" because they're both facts. Unless someone brings up the point that some coffee does not, in fact, contain caffeine. Decaf doesn't (ok, well trace amounts). So the reader may agree with the main point that "coffee helps people wake up" but may not agree with the argument. Maybe some people drink coffee because it's a habit, or they like the taste. In each of these cases, Goodpoint makes these issues clear so you can decide what you really think, and why you think that. We also have the editor available to you, so you can create your own ideas based on your own logic and share those around. At large, the community of people on Goodpoint will help the most persuasive and intelligent ideas rise to the top, where it's less about being an influencer and more about having your opinions grounded in facts.
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