John Malik

Teams Such as The Cleveland Indians Continue to Bear Racist Names

Even under increased pressure, the Indians name remained unchanged. This is just one symptom of a broader disrespect for Native American tribes.
Teams Such as The Cleveland Indians Continue to Bear Racist Names
For years, there were ongoing protests against the Indians’ team name, mascot, and common game chants. They recently removed their mascot, Chief Wahoo, but they have opposed changing the team name. Despite this, owner Paul Dolan said in 2019: “Not only are we adamant about keeping the name Indians, but the Commissioner (Rob Manfred) is similarly supportive of the name.” In July, Dolan agreed to meet with Native American groups to discuss the name, but he did not make any promises to change the name. Many indigenous people have been pressuring the stakeholders for years to change the name they say is offensive. Even with mounting pressure, the Indians have yet to announce an official name change. In August, some 80 businesses and organizations signed a petition asking for a name change. “We’ve been shouting it, and marching and chanting, 'Change the name, change the logo' for so long. And somewhere along the line, they missed the first half of that message. And now they're hearing that part of the message," said Philip Yenyo, the executive director of the American Indian Movement of Ohio. A local Cleveland graphic designer has even come up with a suggested new logo and team name: the Cleveland Spiders. It hearkens back to Cleveland's local team in the early 20th century.
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